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We redefine luxury travel with our Exclusive Travel Memberships (ETM). Elevate your travel experience, enjoy personalized service, and revel in the lap of luxury at every destination.

Beedo - Exclusive Travel Membership

With three exclusive tiers, Beedo caters to discerning travellers seeking unparalleled adventures.

Classic Membership

Discount Rewards: 12%

Membership Subscription: RM20,000

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury with our Classic Membership. Enjoy 12% discount rewards on top of your membership subscription bringing your total travel benefit value to RM22,400 for the year. Begin your journey into opulence today.

Gold Membership

Discount Rewards: 13.2%

Membership Subscription: RM50,000

Elevate your travel experience with our Gold Membership. Unlock a 13.2% discount rewards additional value on your bespoke travel adventures, giving you a total travel benefit valued at RM56,600. Indulge in the finest destinations with exclusive perks tailored just for you.

Black Membership

Discount Rewards: 14.4%

Membership Subscription: RM100,000

For the epitome of luxury, our Black Membership awaits. Enjoy an extraordinary 14.4% discount rewards on your exquisite journeys with an insane total value of RM114,400. Experience the pinnacle of opulence like never before.

Why Beedo's Exclusive Travel Memberships?

Spectacular travel benefits
Tailored Luxury

Personalized travel experiences crafted to perfection.

Exclusive Access

Unlock hidden gems and secret escapes around the globe.

Priority Service

Enjoy priority bookings, seamless travel arrangements, and dedicated support.

Luxury Escapes

Access exclusive partnered luxury brands, hotels and services with VIP treatment.

Dedicated Concierge

Personalized assistance for your journey to create the ultimate travel luxurious convenience.

Discount Rewards

Reap more value with the attractive discount rewards ranging from 12% to 14.4% per annum.

How to Join

Ready to embark on a journey like never before? Joining Beedo’s Exclusive Travel Memberships is simple:


Choose Your Tier: Classic, Gold, or Black.


Make Your Subscription: Enjoy exclusive cashback rewards.


Start Your Journey: Unlock a world of luxury and unparalleled adventures.

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Join Beedo today and redefine your travel experience. Luxury awaits at every destination.

Discover the extraordinary with Beedo. Boundless luxury travel and bespoke tailor made arrangements for your travelling pleasure.

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